News and Updates

July 2023 - As of July 2023 I am working full time as a dog groomer and only making polish in my very limited free time. I work weekends and evenings so turn around time for polishes is 1-2 weeks. I handmix orders as I recieve them, which can take a while. I am available for custom made polish requests.

Friday - 2/10/2023 -
While I'm not planning on closing up the shop in the near future, I simply no longer have to the time to run this as a full time business. Currently I'm treating it as a hobby. I enjoy making polish and it brings me joy to see you all wearing my creations. I'll only be releasing new colors when inspiration strikes, but I don't plan on sending out press samples or participating in any type of collabs in the future.

Friday - 3/4/2022 -
New colors available! SFAC 2022 Duo available until April.

Saturday - 3/21/2020 -
Shop is open! New colors coming March 27. Mini bottles are very limited, due to the current world health crisis, my supplier does not know when they'll have more bottles available.


Wednesday - 7/4/18 - Summer Sale! It's been a while since I updated this hasn't it? Sheesh. Summer sale going on now until Jully 11 at 11:59pm EST. For July's PPU Fan Favorites/rewind month I am bringing back I Just Can't Wait from May. Only available for a limited time as a pre-order, more info in the listing. Ships for free or use code ILOVEPPU to save 25% on other stamping polishes with the purchase of I Just Can't Wait. You can also use code JULY to save 20% on all stamping polishes except for the new Summer Neons and items in my personal destash. Happy shopping!

Thursday - 8/10/2017 - Multichromes available tomorrow at 9 am EST!

Tuesday - 6/13/2017 - New collection coming Friday June 23, it will not be a pre-order, just regular restock.

Tuesday - 5/9/2017 - Orders placed last weekend have shipped. Any more orders placed during the pre-order period will ship by Monday May 15 at the latest. 

Monday - 3/13/2-17 - Shop is restocked. I don't expect to run out of stock but if I do, then they'll be listed as pre-orders while I get more supplies and can restock.

Monday - 2/20/2017 - I'm working on the pre-orders from last week! The website is up so you can see the products but everything is marked as "sold out" until I get caught up with orders. I'll activate the listings once that happens, hopefully next week! Thanks to everyone that placed an order! <3