Tips for use:

My polishes are designed primarily for stamping. You'll need to have stamping plates, scrappers, and stampers in order to use them! I don't sell those on my site but I highly recommend you check out Lantern and Wren.

  • Speed: Work quickly! Especially if you live in drier climates. If you find your polishes are drying too quickly and you can't get a clean pick up or good transfer, try adding a drop or two of thinner.
  • Stampers: Medium firm stampers work best! I do test my polishes on a variety of stamper types. I've had success using them of squishy stampers, sticky stampers, non sticky stampers, and firm stampers. far the type that has the most success is the medium firm stampers. My favorites are the Messy Mansion green stamper set and the Bundle Monster XL Semi-Squishy Silicone stamper heads. The UberChic non-sticky jumbo stampers also work well. For softer stampers, I love the Messy Mansion Carbon stamper in Black as well as the yellow and pink sets for standard size holders; and the Creative Shop Space stamper. I use the Messy Mansion Crystal stamper for my clear stamper.
  • A note on clear stampers:  Some clear stampers will not work with these! I've found the ones from Messy Mansion and Bundle Monster work best. Other bloggers like the original Big Bling Clear Stamper while others like the ones from Born Pretty Store. It really comes down to stamping speed and style.
  • Stamping Style: I personally stamp by applying a lot of polish to the image, scrapping lightly, and then quickly and gently rolling the stamper. Other bloggers had better pick ups when lightly pressing. Try a few different methods to find which one works best for you.
  • Stamping Plates: Very shallowly etched or low quality plates will not work well with these. Some plates only seem to work with polishes that are thinner and runnier than these are. Does that mean no Bundle Monster or Born Pretty/AliExpress/Nicole's Dairy plates? Not at all. I have affordable plates as well as expensive plates and it's not a matter of where it's made, but rather how deep the etching is, and that can vary even with plates from the same company. Once again, trial and error.
Overall, you'll need to play around until you find the combo of plate/stamper/polish that works best for your style. And that might mean that my polishes won't always work for you. I hope that as time goes on, future collections will work on a larger variety of plates and stampers.

Coming Soon: How To Stamp Video Tutorial

Other Nail Art Techniques

You can use my polishes for other techniques like gradients, nail vinyls, and free hand nail art or making decals! I recommend placing a few drop of polish on a silicone stamping mat and adding a drop of thinner when working with free hand art or to color in decals so that they don't dry as fast.


In theory yes, they can be used for water marbles but it's not the easiest. Generally speaking, polishes that marble well don't always stamp well, since stamping polish tend to be on the thicker side and watermarbling polish are usually thinner.

Feel free to check out SloppySwatches "But Do They Watermarble?" video of my polishes to see how she managed to do it!